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My name is Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

I am a translator of Polish and Russian languages. I’d be glad to help any time the words prove an obstacle to you.

Regardless of whether you’re struggling with handling a foreign business partner, getting promotional materials to sound right or dealing with specialist terminology of a technical document, I will gladly help you with my experience - not only as a translator, but also an editor, trade journalist, scriptwriter and proofreader. I guarantee high quality of the translation, efficient and timely execution of orders and offer the billing on the basis of a VAT invoice.

Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics
and it’s all to give you a key solution

I can help you with

Polish translations

As a Polish native speaker, I offer translations of all manners of texts - ordinary, literary and specialized, up to and including legal documents. With my experience as a journalist, copywriter and a scriptwriter, you can rest assured no nuance will be lost in translation.

Russian translations

I also offer translations to and from Russian language - paired with both Polish and English. A high quality of the translation will be ensured by both my Russian Language and Specialized Translation studies, as well as an excellent understanding of Russian cultural context.

Succeeding in business

In work, I strive for the utmost professionalism not only of the translation itself, but the entire business relationship. I take care to understand your needs, ensure compatibility with the file types or terminology you might have adopted and provide high availability, short lead times and VAT invoice-based billing.

Other words

Editing and proofreading

Aside from translation and creation of new texts, I also offer help in editing and proofreading, in Polish, English and Russian. I’ll be glad to lend you my experience to ensure your text flows easily and elegantly.


In my career I have also worked as a copywriter, a managing editor of a magazine and a scriptwriter - and thanks to this experience, I’m now able to get a full understanding of your text, its recipients and the production process, to ensure it sounds just right for the purpose.

Multimedia translations

I am experienced in working with various movies, interactive apps, e-learning courses and online services - both as a translator and a co-creator. Working with me, you can rest assured that both the text itself and its form will be well-understood.

My projects

I have worked with

During our work I have:

  • Regularly edited and translated real estate market reports.
  • Translated various analyses and promotional materials.

During our work I have:

  • Translated instruction manuals for various medical equipment
  • Translated certification documents and technical specifications of various medical equipment.

During our work I have:

  • Created content for Polish promotional materials and product labels for Manorm brand products.
  • Translated numerous business documents and trade offers.
  • Translated numerous contracts.

During our work I have:

  • Translated catalogs and trade offers.

During our work I have:

  • Helped facilitate the “Safe Harbor” foreigner integration program.
  • Translated documents related to the immigration process.
  • Supported organization of cultural events such as the Etnofilm ethnographic film review or the national scholarship competition for gifted Romani students.

During our work I have:

  • Supported a legal counsel office in translating business contracts.

During our work I have:

  • Created and translated interactive scenarios for VR Mind, a program supporting the therapy of anxiety disorders.
  • Translated the Polish version of CURSOR, an international educational project
  • Written scripts for numerous educational films and e-learning courses.

During our work I have:

  • Created and translated the contents of websites created for the company’s clients.
  • Worked with varied topics, ranging from financial markets (Entremise, Polski Fundusz Poręczeń Kredytowych), real estate (Natolin 33) and even equestrianism (krzysztofokla.pl).

During our work I have:

  • Worked as a journalist for the Shale Gas Investment Guide trade magazine
  • Worked as an editor of the Explorer magazine, focused on the upstream unconventional gas market.
  • Written numerous articles, analyses and other materials for both specialists and clients from related industries

During our work I have:

  • Translated promotional presentations for the Ascot Finance private equity fund
  • Translated promotional materials and investor presentations for Speedcash Polska.

During our work I have:

  • Worked with the US-based general contractor, specializing in logistical space and light industry construction.
  • Supported the work of the sales and human resources departments.

During our work I have:

  • Translated marketing materials and social media posts for the Melica Organic cosmetics.

During our work I have:

  • Translated promotional materials, business contracts and correspondence related to organization of the China Homelife Show and China Machinex Expo trade shows

During our work I have:

  • Translated the Polish website of the brand.
  • Translated a number of promotional materials, product catalogs and videos related to introduction of the brand to the Polish market.

During our work I have:

  • Translated the www.smartmoneymatch.com website to Polish.

During our work I have:

  • Translated Rehearsals, an experimental documentary and created subtitles for said movie.
  • Created Polish and Russian language versions.

During our work I have:

  • Edited and proofread instruction manuals for audio equipment.

During our work I have:

  • Translated terms and conditions of low-floor freight.
  • Translated freight documentation.

Book translations

The House of Government

Yuri Slezkine, PWN

Polish translation of a historical study of the early days of Soviet Union, told as a family saga of the residents of a building housing Moscow’s prominent politicians.

Deported twice

WWII Museum in Gdańsk

Polish translation of a historical study of the post-war fates of soldiers of the Anders’ Army.


Paul Krugman, PWN

Polish translation of the newest edition of one of the best and most popular academic textbooks on microeconomics, penned by a Nobel prize winner in economics.

Client recommendations

Robyn Nelson

Verbatim Solutions, Project Manager

Gabor is an excellent translator, very personable and able to deliver jobs on time. Highly recommended!

Parker Snyder

ARCO New England, Director of Business Development

I have known Gabor for nearly a decade - he is hard working, responds timely and understands the value of business intelligence.

Stefania Ianne

Newcom Group, Key Accounts Manager

He has proven to be highly reliable, committed and knowledgeable. A very professional linguist, we are very happy to work with Gabor again

UkrGoods, Manorm

Board Member

Work has always exhibited a high, professional level - and from my vast experience, I know this cannot be taken for granted. We have worked with Mr. Gabor for over a year and expect to keep working together. I highly and sincerely recommend him.

Urszula Staśkiewicz

PhD SWPS University, Assistant Professor

I have given my papers to Mr. Gabor to prepare them for international publication. The received texts have always sounded very professional - even when there wasn’t much time left to prepare them.

Maria Nowacka

Ethnos, General Director

Gabor was a great help in the implementation of our projects, thanks to both his expertise and high communication skills.

Martin Signer

4Finance AG, Managing Director

Gabor made very good job with www.smartmoneymatch.com/pl

Michał Karpowicz

PIW, Director, History and Modern Thought Department

We have been greatly pleased by both the results of the work and cooperativeness of Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics, whom we expect to employ for future translations.

Wojciech Kość

Cleantech Poland, Board Member

Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics proved diligent, apt at critical analysis of data and facts, as well as writing skills. He delivered completed materials timely, often despite a strong time pressure. His work stressed the ability to convey complex issues in an approachable form, eg. for the clients from outside the industry.

Łukasz Mazurek

Interleo, Co-Owner / Art Director

We are very happy with the results of hitherto cooperation and hope to continue working with Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics at future projects involving creation, translation or editing of texts.

Piotr Radzięda

Translation Street

As a proofreader, Mr. Chodkowski proved particularly diligent and reliable, as he usually noticed 100% of the mistakes made by translators, which is fairly rare. Moreover, we have valued working with Mr. Chodkowski due to his availability and communication skills.


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